Integrating production, research & development and sales as a whole, the Company provides customers with environmentally-friendly calcium-zinc stabilizers, lead-salt composite stabilizers, lubricants, impact modifiers and other processing agents/auxiliaries.

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Chinese New Year Message from Shandong Xie Heng Plastic Auxiliaries Co., Ltd.

Chinese New Year Message from Shandong Xie Heng Plastic Auxiliaries Co., Ltd.

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Great achievements add splendor to realize our ambition. Bid farewell to the old year steadily, celebrate the Chinese New Year in the blossom of red plum. The year 2019, in spite of the short moment in the long river of history, it was the year for the extraordinary development of our company, Xieheng in the development history.

In the past year, we had been forging ahead in unity, facing the ups and downs of the market with a firm stance, and coping with various pressures and impacts brought about by the changes in the internal and external environment with more steady willpower, and pushing our company Xiecheng to a new level of development. Looking back, we have an enterprising spirit to face difficulties and challenges, and a pioneering spirit and development blueprint to guide us in the direction of progress. With concerted efforts and perseverance, the spirit of dedication, struggle and progress of all my colleagues in Shandong Xieheng has been engraved into an intangible monument, which has become the boundless power for Xieheng to forge ahead and develop harmoniously.

Great waves sweep away sand, the winner makes a clean sweep and takes it all. Let’s say goodbye to 2019! In the year 2020, we will embark on a new journey. It is the challenge, especially hope! Let’s work together in a persistent way, ride on the momentum with more steady paces, and present a gift to reform and opening up! To the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! March towards our more brilliant Xieheng, and brighter future!

The bright moon is rising above the sea, everyone shares the moment together! All the staff of Shandong Xieheng Plastic Additives Co., Ltd. wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

Wish all new and old customers at home and abroad

All the best blessings around, good fortune in the Year of the Rat! All the best luck in the Year of the Rat!