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       2021 china international exhibition of ground materials and paving technology was held in shanghai new international expo center.     This exhibition will bring together more than 2,500 exhibitors with an exhibition area of 230,000 square meters. Our company is honored to be invited to participate in the exhibition (booth: e4j30). In order to do a good job in our company's publicity and exhibition, our company will take part in the exhibition with the personnel of the domestic sales department and the foreign trade department. Meet many friends and customers at home and abroad in the exhibition.

       Affected by the covid-19 outbreak in 2020 and the external environment such as the international environment, the development of all walks of life has been restrained to a certain extent, and major enterprises have also stood the test of survival of the fittest for one year. It is believed that enterprises with strong competitiveness will be stronger in the future.

         In recent years, influenced by the national policy, the growth of demand and the change of consumption concept, the home furnishing industry has risen forcibly, and the related upstream, downstream and surrounding industries have also risen. In addition, under the environment that real estate developers and decorators make every effort to create a healthy theme, it will inevitably bring a new round of strong growth to upstream environmental protection raw material manufacturing enterprises. We believe that shandong xieheng, as an upstream environmental protection material manufacturing enterprise, will inevitably be positively affected to usher in a new round of growth.

      The exhibitor actively builds a diversified service platform for the timber industry chain, making one-stop procurement and matching suppliers with one key, improving the efficiency of customer procurement, reducing the contradiction between supply and demand, and reducing the sales and procurement costs of relevant supply and demand enterprises. At the same time, it strives to build a cross-border service platform and boost industrial upgrading. With excellent quality and first-class service, shandong xieheng believes that this exhibition will bring a new round of development opportunities.