Integrating production, research & development and sales as a whole, the Company provides customers with environmentally-friendly calcium-zinc stabilizers, lead-salt composite stabilizers, lubricants, impact modifiers and other processing agents/auxiliaries.

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New beginning, new journey, hand in hand to create brilliant 2022 - Shandong Xieheng Plastic Additives Co., Ltd. Chinese New Year greetings

New beginning, new journey, hand in hand to create brilliant 2022 - Shandong Xieheng Plastic Additives Co., Ltd. Chinese New Year greetings

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Dear friends and colleagues,

       The law returns to the spring, and Vientiane begins to update! Huang Shanxin, general manager of Shandong Xieheng, represented all colleagues of Shandong Xieheng Plastic Additives Co., Ltd to all new and old customers at home and abroad, all friends to extend the best wishes for the New Year!

        Heaven rewards diligence, and every year does not live!In the past year, we have paid and gained; there have been persistence, there have been changes, in the context of the epidemic, the uncertainty of the international trade environment, the tightening of environmental protection policies, and the imbalance between supply and demand in the PVC industry, the overall industry is more difficult to move forward.

      In the face of industry difficulties, Xieheng Company made concerted efforts to adjust the strategy and actively respond, on the one hand, to ensure the quality and stability of the basic supply, on the other hand, to do a good job in customer demand-oriented product innovation, for the different needs of different customers, developed a variety of high-quality PVC additives products, effectively improving the special use of our products and the company's external emergency response capabilities.

       Xieheng company under the correct leadership of the general manager, the management and employees of all departments at all levels are united and united, adhering to the enterprise spirit of "working together and persevering" and the pursuit of breakthroughs, the spirit of craftsmanship of excellence, internal unity and focus on customer needs, continuous optimization of product structure, help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, effectively help customers enhance product competitiveness, new products put into the market after being widely praised by new and old customers, and it is precisely because of this that Xieheng Company is in the context of the difficulty of moving forward in the industry as a whole. The annual strategic targets were still exceeded.

        We always adhere to product innovation, help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency and enhance competitiveness! Always adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, ensure product quality, improve product quality! Always adhere to the customer-centric, to provide efficient and first-class service.

        A new beginning!new journey! Shandong Xieheng is willing to work with customers and friends to work together to create brilliant!