Integrating production, research & development and sales as a whole, the Company provides customers with environmentally-friendly calcium-zinc stabilizers, lead-salt composite stabilizers, lubricants, impact modifiers and other processing agents/auxiliaries.

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Shandong Xieheng Plastic Additives Co., Ltd. was presented at the 6th International Plastic Exhibition in Thailand in 2019.

Shandong Xieheng Plastic Additives Co., Ltd. was presented at the 6th International Plastic Exhibition in Thailand in 2019.

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At 12:00 on September 22, 2019, the 6th International Plastic Exhibition was closed successfully in Thailand. This exhibition brought together many industry leaders at home and abroad. Relying on the leading technology and high-quality products, Shandong Xieheng Plastic Additives Co., Ltd. successfully attracted many customers at home and abroad. After the products were presented on the exhibition, many customers visited us, consulted the products and started the business negotiations. Customers also put forward a lot of valuable advice while the products are well received.
By participating in the exhibition, we learned more about the needs of customers. Some customers in the field also carried out technical consultation and discussion and exchange of the issues, and our technology was affirmed and very satisfied by many customers. 
In recent years, Shandong Xieheng Plastic Additives Co., Ltd. has made rapid and steady development in the plastic additives industry, with outstanding performance. It has a deeper sedimentation of technology and brand. Relying on the leading technical level and excellent market operation, we believe that our reputation and influence in the field of plastic additives will continue to rise. In the near future, we will rapidly grow into a leader in the industry, and have a pivotal position in the industry. However, we are adhering to the corporate philosophy of Concerted Efforts and Perseverance, fully aware of the truth of diligence, and there is a long runway ahead. We will continue to carry out technological innovation, and develop new products with higher quality, better function and compliance with customer needs to provide better service for customers.
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