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VA Compatibilizer

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Production introduction
VA compatibilizer is a linear macromolecule with high specific surface area and high molecular weight made up of acrylic acid monomers and VCM(vinyl chloride), which has better compatibility with PVC, by emulsion polymerization and spray drying. There is a strong interaction between VAcompatibilizer, PVC macromolecule chain and ACR foaming regulator in the process of PVC thermoplastic molding, which is similar to the physicalcross-linking (increasing the length of macromolecule chain of PVC and foaming regulator), thus ACR foaming regulator and heat stabilizer canbetter play its role, and finally can significantly improve the melt strength of all kinds of rigid PVC foaming products in the process of production
and processing.
This product is 25KG / bag, plastic woven bag is used for external, and plastic bag is used for inner packing. This product is non-toxic and non-corrosivesolid powder. It belongs to non-dangerous goods and should be transported according to non-dangerous goods without exposed in thesun or rain. This product shall be stored in a cool and ventilated place with no direct sunlight; its shelf life is 12 months. In the case of pass expirydate, if qualified after test, it can still continue to be used. Packing bag is marked with manufacturers, trademarks, product certification, productcontent, and product batch number.


 Application features
1.In the process of molding, the uniformity of PVC melt can be improved more effectively, and the excellent surface uniformity of products can be obtained.
2.Has super high specific surface area. VA compatibilizer's specific surface area is about 100 times of ordinary PVC, "bonding" area is large, and can bond with PVC more quickly, so as to play a better foaming regulation.
3.Can significantly increase the melt strength of PVC, and effectively reduce the energy consumption of PVC processing and the use of traditional regulators.
4.The recommended dosage is 30wt.%—70wt.% of the traditional foaming regulator, and the corresponding amount of the traditional regulator can be reduced when adding.
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