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Composite Stabilizer

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Production introduction

  compound stabilizer is composed of three salt-based lead stearate, two salt-based lead sulfite, lead stearate, PE wax, stearic acid, calcium carbonate by a special composite process. Such products have good adsorption, can improve the whiteness of PVC products, shorten HC removal time by PVC, and play a role in reducing the amount of stabilizer, improve processing performance, weatherability, stability, and reduce costs, so that the surface the processed product has good physical properties, and the various components of the composite heat stabilizer can be well mixed in the production process as well as greatly improve the uniformity of the mixed dispersion with the resin. Due to the good thermal stability, especially the long-term thermal stability effect, these stabilizers are widely used in the material production of PVC products.

This product is 25KG / bag, plastic woven bag is used for external, and plastic bag is used for inner packing. This product is non-toxic and non-corrosive solid powder. It belongs to non-dangerous goods and should be transported according to non-dangerous goods without exposed in the sun or rain. This product shall be stored in a cool and ventilated place with no direct sunlight; its shelf life is 12 months. In the case of pass expiry date, if qualified after test, it can still continue to be used. Packing bag is marked with manufacturers, trademarks, product certification, product content, and product batch number.

Application features
1. This product is a kind of lead salt complex with good thermal stability.
2. this product has good coupling and solubilization function, enhance the compatibility of resin and filling agent, and reduce production cost.
3. This product has good lubrication and toughness, promotes melting, and has good plasticizing effect.
4. The heat mixing temperature of this product is 110~115.
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