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PVC Lubricant

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 Production introduction

XH60 products are usually white/light yellow flaky solid or liquid powder wax, are neutral saturated fatty alcohol dicarboxylic acid value, solublein ethanol, benzene and other organic solvents. The advantage of the products lies in the complete varieties, specific functions, we can provide thecorresponding type of products according to customer needs, provide customers with a better lubrication system, and solve the processingproblems of insufficient internal and external sliding, imbalance of internal and external sliding, poor surface gloss of products, serious wear andtear of equipment, low production efficiency and so on.

This product is 25KG / bag, plastic woven bag is used for external, and plastic bag is used for inner packing. This product is non-toxic and non-corrosivesolid powder. It belongs to non-dangerous goods and should be transported according to non-dangerous goods without exposed in thesun or rain. This product shall be stored in a cool and ventilated place with no direct sunlight; its shelf life is 12 months. In the case of pass expirydate, if qualified after test, it can still continue to be used. Packing bag is marked with manufacturers, trademarks, product certification, productcontent, and product batch number.


Application features

  As internal lubricants for processing rigid PVC products, XH60 product has good compatibility with PVC and other additives, is suitablefor all kinds of processing conditions, can promote the melt evenly dispersed, increase liquidity, improve the impact strength andsurface gloss, and can be widely used in transparency, aggregate, profile, board, pipe, and engineering plastics, the amount is usually0.3-1.2, and can be increased appropriately under special circumstances.

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